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We are your trusted joint pain intervention centre with ultrasound guidance with a Henry Ford Health trained doctor and experienced staff just minutes away from Detroit. Serving Detroit metro area patients with arthritis and tendonitis for a fraction of Michigan pricing. See full list of procedures we perform

Check below how to get to visit us from Michigan in 4 easy steps.

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Dr. Kaczmarek

your Henry Ford Health Detroit trained doctor

currently with joint injection clinic in Windsor




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Treatment decisions are based on physical exam.



We are 9 minutes away from downtown Detroit, straight way down the main street

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It takes 9 minutes to cross from Detroit to our location via the Detroit-Windsor tunnel. Then you would turn to Ouellette Avenue and drive straight down to our location. Our American patients find it easy and convenient. With favourable border traffic it may take you only a few minutes more to get to us on 1428 Ouellette Avenue, suite 309. We are located on the third floor of the building. Looking forward to seeing you in Windsor for your cortisone shots or viscosupplementation for arthritis.

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[...] Dr. Bart Kaczmarek did a thorough knee exam, read/explained to me xrays I showed him (from the US), and gave low-pain injections. He was also very personable. His nurse/assistant was very sweet (I am sorry! I forgot her name! She used to work in the hospital??). The woman checking me/out was extremely nice and listened to me blabber on and on about the many problems with healthcare in the US. [...]

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How to get affordable viscosupplementation in Detroit?

Viscosupplementation in Detroit can be expensive, at times above a thousand dollars out of pocket. Viscosupplementation is sometimes called hyaluronic acid supplementation (because hyaluronic acid is the injected substance). Studies show that is has a favorable impact on joint pain with longer action and minimal side effects as compared to corticosteroids. This is typically not covered by insurance and is an out of pocket expense. We are offering the same product for less, administered by a licensed Michigan trained sports medicine focused physician just minutes away from your home.

Are you looking for cortisone injections in Detroit?

Joint pain can be disabling and it is sometimes challenging get through the health system to see a doctor who can perform joint pain injections for pain. Cortisone and its pharmacologic cousins are often effective in achieving pain relief with arthritis and tendonitis. Pain can be improved for several months, typically two to three months but sometimes longer. We can be your cortisone injection clinic of Detroit metro area. It is easy to book with us online or by calling and we are just minutes away from you!

How fast can we see patients for cortisone shots for arthritis?

Tired of waiting for administrative referral processing in overbooked doctors offices in Michigan? Are you disappointed the specialist will see you the earliest in 2 months? If you are looking for fast access arthritis and tendonitis pain relief assessment in Detroit metro area we may be the right choice. We typically offer in-person same week visits instead of usual months of wait time. Our private visits for consultations and treatments can sometimes be booked same day. It is easy to check our availability by booking online or by calling. We are just across the bridge and right in the middle of the city with easy access.

We are your joint injection pain clinic Detroit area

If you are American and looking for joint pain clinic in Detroit area, you can now book a visit with us for a consultation and treatment. We are an intervention joint pain clinic of choice for many Americans, most of them arriving from Detroit metro area. Our physician worked before at the Henry Ford Hospital and injected patients with cortisone injections and viscosupplementation in Detroit, currently continuing the same joint pain clinic work in Windsor. Patients return to us for their future pain treatments. We have all we need on site including medications - no need for prescriptions or filling medications at the pharmacy. If you are looking for an affordable and readily available joint injection pain clinic in Detroit, why not take a nine minute trip across the Detroit river to Windsor? You will be assessed by Michigan trained and licensed doctor on site. If treatment decision has been made we will perform your shoulder tendonitis or knee arthritis shots for a fraction of American price. We treat knee, shoulder, elbow, foot, toes, fingers, trigger finger, synovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other common conditions, for a full list please check here. 




Assessment and physical exam only. 


150 CAD

113 USD


Cost of our steroid mix per syringe utilized.

Added to the cost of private visit. 

50 CAD

37 USD


Cost of our hyaluronic acid such as 3ml Durolane or other joint gels.

Added to the cost of private visit.

500 CAD

375 USD


Cost of our state-of-the art plasm extraction, preparation and injection. 

Added to the cost of private visit.

950 CAD

715 USD


Ultrasound guidance of an injection.

Added to the cost of private visit and cost of injectable. Optional.

Per joint.

150 CAD

113 USD

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*approximate conversion rate of 0.75 as of November 2022